The New Chalfont St Peter Community Centre

Chalfont St Peter Community Centre is awaiting a new build, stay up to date with changes and news about the new build below

Do we Think we Need a New Community Centre in our Village?

The Community Centre Development Committee sent a comprehensive Needs Assessment to 6,500 homes in our village in June 2017 to ask this question:



92% of Respondents said YES!

So What Have we Done Since the Needs Assessment

 in June 2017?

•Selected and contracted a firm of architects to assist us to conduct a Feasibility Study.


•Completed the Feasibility Study, the main outcomes of which are that, subject to planning approval, it is feasible to:

•Build a new, larger, community centre on the same site whilst continuing to keep the existing community centre open.

•Reduce running costs and carbon emissions considerably.

•Increase carparking spaces.

at a VAT inclusive cost of between £5.5M and £6M by 2024.

So What is Wrong with the Existing Community Centre?

•Too Small.   2,500 people use the Community Centre every week.  It can no longer cope with the demands of the village and there are plans to build at least another 560 houses in the Parish.  We need a bigger hall and more rooms to meet the demand now and in the future.


•Too Old/Too Expensive to Run.  Most of the rooms within the Community Centre are over 50 years old and are constructed of thin wooden walls and flat 1960/70s style rooves.  They are therefore expensive to heat and maintain.


•Not Environmentally Friendly.  Its poor construction and design, combined with its old heating systems make it very energy inefficient and give it a high carbon footprint.


•Not Enough Carparking.   There are simply too few carparking spaces for those who need to drive to the Community Centre in order to use it.


•Does not Look Good.  Its appearance does not add to the appeal of the village.



What are we Doing Next?

•July 2019.  Begin work to develop the building design to the next stage by February 2020, including:

•Conducting Surveys.

•Conducting a Pre-Planning Application Discussion.

•Producing Fundraising Content and Visualisations.

•July 2019.  Begin Fundraising:

•Initial Target: Raise £200k by August 2020 to complete the design.

•Final Target: Raise a further £5M+ by about March 2022.

•July 2019.  Recruit Volunteers! If you would like to help in any way (eg fund raising, helping with the web page, engaging with the community) please contact

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