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Pilates Lead by Women's Health Psychotherapist

Name : Pilates

Contact : Samantha Vincent

Telephone : 07881 373 338

Email : Samantha_vincent@hotmail.co.uk

Website: n/a

Meet Days / Time : Antenatal Pilates Mondays 6-7pm

Postnatal Pilates Mondays 7-8pm

Pilates for all Mondays 8-9pm

Meeting Room : Misbourne / Mary Smithells Room

Profile Antenatal Pilates


A special Pilates course for ladies during the second and third trimesters of their pregnancy. Suitable for ladies from 12-40 weeks. No previous experience necessary. This course will cover the basic principles of Pilates, keep the mother to be strong and flexible. The main aims are preventing diastis recti (abdominal separation), correct posture and a strong core. Suitable for those with pregnancy related pain.


Postnatal Pilates - Targeted especially for women after childbirth. The main focus’ of the class are to increase core strength, including abdominals and reducing abdominal separation, pelvic floor strength, gluteal toning, postural awareness and overall improvement of balance, strength and flexibility. A fantastic rehab class for women postnatally.


Pilates for All - This class is open for all ages and abilities, whether it is improving general strength and fitness, or working or core control for back pain this class can help you. This class aims to build on Joseph Pilates’ basic principles with a fun and rewarding class, whatever your current level of fitness.


Classes last approximately 55 minutes and are led to music. Samantha is a highly experienced Women’s Health Physiotherapist who works for both the NHS in London and private practice in Buckinghamshire. She specialises in ante and postnatal care, and her passion lies in helping patient’s to live an enjoyably and healthy life through the use of exercises therapy.