Iyengar/Hatha Yoga Classes and Mindfulness Mediation with Suzy Pool

Yoga every Wednesday from 7.00-8.15pm

We are a small friendly group of women and men of mixed ability who come to Suzy’s class to have a good work out that is fun and makes us feel stronger, fitter, and more flexible. We also learn how to relax and let go of everyday life stresses. It is time put aside each week for ourselves and Suzy greatly encourages us to feel that way. We feel refreshed and energised after each session.

Suzy has been teaching yoga for 14 years and can help you with improving your posture and body alignment. She has particular skills in helping you overcome problems with neck, back and knees through appropriate yoga postures.

You will get individual attention to ensure you hold the postures correctly and work at your own pace.

The class typically includes:

  • Classical Iyengar style Hatha Yoga postures
  • Breathing Techniques (Pranayama) to help calm and relax the mind
  • Simple meditation practice to help mental focus and concentration
  • Relaxation

Suzy is a very personable, engaging and encouraging teacher and  her classes are fun, interactive and brings the best out in every student.

TheNew yoga class started Wednesday , 7.00- 8.15 pm , first trial class free. Visit her website (www.suzypool.com) to contact and find out more.

The class is from 7..00 -8.15pm. Please visit her website (www.suzypool.com) to contact her and find out more.

Follow her on Twitter : @suzypool and Facebook : suzypoolretreats

Mindfulness Mediation every other Friday from 7-8pm

Mindfulness is a very powerful Meditation training which helps you to attain a calmer lifestyle and cope with everyday stresses, anxiety, chronic pain and life’s challenges. It is simply learning how to pay attention to what is happening here and now in your thoughts, emotions and sensations in a non-judgemental way.

Suzy teaches the Jon Kabat-Zinn Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Programme and then her students are supported within the group to maintain the practice in their everyday life, finding the resources within themselves though learning the exercises to help them mange their emotions and stay calm and centred.

Name : Ivengar Yoga Classes
Contact : Suzy Pool
Telephone : 01494 258774

07961 462609

Email : suzy@suzypool.com
Web Site : www.suzypool.com
Meet Days / Time : Wednesday, 7- 8.15pm

Every other Friday 7-8pm

Meeting Room : Members Room